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A dream realised
Our names are Craig and Tamara Hayward, and we are the owners and managers of Coffee Lush. We have devoted many years to realise our dream of producing our own coffee from seed to premium roasted bean.

In 1999, we purchased ‘Haywards Ridge’, which comprises 250 acres at Hogarth Range in the far north of NSW, some 80km inland from Australia’s most easterly point at Byron Bay. In 2000, we planted 12,000 K7 Arabica coffee trees, and another 8,000 trees were planted in 2007. We anticipate planting more trees in the near future as interest in our product continues to grow.

Northern NSW heaven
Hogarth Range is quite simply paradise to the coffee plant. At an altitude of 250m above sea level, the subtropical climate coupled with the rich volcanic soil creates ideal growing conditions for coffee. In contrast to higher altitude plantings, our coffee beans take longer to ripen, creating a denser and naturally sweeter bean. And this translates into great tasting coffee.

Low in caffeine and pesticide free
The amount of caffeine present within a coffee bean is impacted by the presence of disease and pests. Coffee plants grown in our region enjoy an environment that is uniquely disease and pest free, and as a result, our coffee beans are naturally lower in caffeine. The absence of disease and pests also means that our coffee plants are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, either during the growing or processing stages. So not only is our coffee delicious; it’s also a guilt free indulgence.

The journey
The Coffee Lush journey begins with the germination of our finest and most fertile beans. When the bean reaches 10cm in height, it is placed in a greenhouse where it is carefully nurtured for 12 months. Seedlings are planted in the field once they reach a height of 60cm, and enjoy a sunny, easterly aspect. At harvest time, our coffee beans are harvested and then sun dried in a traditional manner. The sun drying process, whilst being labour intensive, is undertaken to further enhance the natural sweet flavour of our coffee beans.

After drying, our beans are stored for several months to allow their natural flavour and aroma to mature. Beans are then hulled, graded and sized ready for roasting.

Our master coffee roaster then further develops the flavour of the bean through the roasting process. Beans are roasted to order, thus ensuring our coffee’s freshness and overall quality.

Coffee Lush coffee is a single origin coffee, which means that like a vintage scotch or wine, it has the depth and substance to stand on its own without the need for blending with other coffees.

The result?
Coffee Lush is a subtle and sophisticated medium/dark roasted coffee with exceptional balance. You will enjoy our coffee’s rich dark chocolate aroma, and the pure, fresh, smooth, full-bodied and distinctly sweet flavour.

We were delighted when Coffee Lush was recognised with a bronze medal at the Golden Bean Roasting Competition in 2008, amidst stiff competition from some of Australia’s best known coffee brands. The Golden Bean Roasting Competition is the largest coffee competition of its kind in the southern hemisphere, with all entries judged by a panel of industry experts.

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